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1969 (MCMLXIX) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar.


  • January: The single "First of May"/"Lamplight" is released
  • January: Odessa is released


  • February 14: Maurice Gibb Presents the Disc and Music Echo awards
  • February 14: "Only One Woman" goes No. 1 in South Africa
  • February 18: Maurice Gibb and Lulu are married
  • February 19: "First of May" enters the British charts
  • February 22: Odessa enters the US charts


  • March 19: Robin Gibb announces that he is leaving the Bee Gees
  • March 19: "Sun in My Morning" and "Ping Pong" are recorded
  • March 21: "Tomorrow Tomorrow" is recorded


  • May: "The Lord" is recorded
  • May 7: "Don't Forget to Remember" and "Who Knows What a Room Is" are recorded
  • May 19: Bee Gees perform at "Talk of the Town", with Lesley Gibb singing in place of Robin
  • May 28: Maurice has a car accident in London
  • May 31: "Tomorrow Tomorrow" enters the US charts


  • June: "Bury Me Down By The River" is recorded
  • June 4: "Tomorrow Tomorrow" enters the British charts
  • June 12: "Between the Laughter and the Tears" is recorded
  • June 25: Robin Gibb plays solo for the first time
  • June 27: Robin Gibb releases the single "Saved by the Bell"/"Mother and Jack"


  • July: "Then You Left Me", "I Was The Child", "My Thing", "Every Time I See You Smile", "Give a Hand Take a Hand", "Twinky", and "There Goes My Heart Again" are recorded
  • July 9: Barry Gibb records "The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine"
  • June 11: "I Lay Down and Die" is recorded
  • July 12: Barry Gibb gets the "Best Dressed Pop Star" award
  • July 19: Robin Gibb records "To Heaven and Back"


  • August: Filming of Cucumber Castle begins
  • August: Robert Stigwood fires Colin Petersen and Geoff Bridgeford becomes the Bee Gees' drummer
  • August: The single "Don't Forget to Remember"/"The Lord" is released
  • August 2: Robin Gibb appears on Beat-Club and performs "Saved By The Bell"
  • August 6: Maurice Gibb falls down the stairs and breaks his arm
  • August 9: "Cucumber Castle Theme" is recorded
  • August 11: The Bee Gees begin filming Cucumber Castle
  • August 13: "Don't Forget To Remember" enters the British charts
  • August 23: "Don't Forget To Remember" enters the French charts


  • September: Robin releases the single "One Million Years"/"Weekend"
  • September 19: "Saved By The Bell" goes No. 1 in South Africa
  • September 25: Barry Gibb records "One Bad Thing"
  • September 26: "Turning Tide" is recorded
  • September 30: Bee Gees appear on "Decidedly Rusty" (BBC1, UK) and perform "Words" and "I've Gotta Get a Message to You"


  • October: "If Only I Had My Mind on Something Else" is recorded
  • October 8: "I.O.I.O" is recorded
  • October 9: "The Chance of Love" is recorded
  • October 15: "End of My Song" is recorded
  • October 16: "Julia" is recorded
  • October 24: "Don't Forget to Remember" goes No. 1 in South Africa


  • November 8: Best of Bee Gees enters the UK charts
  • November 9: Best of Bee Gees certified gold in the USA


  • December: Maurice and Barry split
  • December 9: Maurice Gibb records "The Loner"