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1970 (MCMLXX) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar.


  • January 6: Cucumber Castle is broadcast on BBC
  • January 17: Maurice Gibb records "Soldier Johnny" and "Journey to the Misty Mountains"
  • January 31: Robin Gibb performs in Auckland, New Zealand


  • February: Robin releases Robin's Reign and the single "August October"/"Give Me a Smile"
  • February 1: Robin again performs in Auckland, New Zealand
  • February 18: The stage musical Sing a Rude Song, starring Maurice Gibb, opens in London
  • February 22: Barry Gibb records "Mando Bay"


  • March: The singles "I.O.I.O"/"Sweetheart" and "Let There Be Love" are released in Europe except the UK and "If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else" is released in the US
  • March 9: Barry Gibb records "This Time"
  • March 28: "I.O.I.O." enters the UK charts
  • March 28: "If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else" enters the US charts


  • April: Cucumber Castle is released
  • April: Maurice Gibb releases the single "Railroad"/"I've Come Back"
  • April 20: Maurice Gibb records "Alabama"


  • May: Barry releases the single "I'll Kiss Your Memory"/"This Time"
  • May 26: The stage musical Sing a Rude Song reopens in the West End, London


  • June: Robin and Maurice start recording together again
  • June: Barry performs at the "Miss Teen Princess of the World" pageant in Germany
  • June: Maurice travels to Australia to visit sister Lesley
  • June 13: Barry and Robiin record "Lay it On Me", their first meeting in almost a year


  • July: Barry goes to Australia and appears on Go-Set magazine awards, then travels to Spain on holiday
  • July: Barry Gibb officially divorces Maureen Bates


  • August 1: The Bee Gees record "I Can Laugh"
  • August 18: "Back Home", "Too Much To Think About", "Getting Back Together", "You're Going Away", "The Way I Feel Today", "Find Me a Woman", and "The Change I See" are recorded
  • August 21: The reunion of the Bee Gees is made official
  • August 26: "You Got To Lose It in the End", "Little Red Train", and "Sweet Summer Rain" are recorded
  • August 27: "Maybe Tomorrow" is recorded


  • September: "2 Years On", "Man For All Seasons", "The First Mistake I Made", "Lonely Days", "I'm Weeping", and "Every Second Every Minute" are recorded
  • September 1: Barry Gibb and Linda Gray are married
  • September 30: "Don't Forget Me Ida" and "In the Morning" are recorded


  • October: The single "Lonely Days"/"Man For All Seasons" is released
  • October: "To Dance Again" is recorded
  • October 5: "Tell Me Why", "Alone Again", "Portrait of Louise", "Lost", and "Fantasy" are recorded


  • December: Cucumber Castle airs on BBC 2
  • December 5: "Lonely Days" enters the US and UK charts
  • December 13: "Merilly Merry Eyes" is recorded