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1975 (MCMLXXV) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar.


  • January 6: Bee Gees begin recording Main Course
  • January 7: "Country Lanes" is recorded
  • January 23: "Come on Over" is recorded
  • January 30: "Nights on Broadway", "Songbird", and "Edge of the Universe" are recorded


  • February 2: "Jive Talkin'" is recorded
  • February 17: "Wind of Change" is recorded
  • February 19: "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)" is recorded


  • May: Main Course tour begins in the US
  • May: The single "Jive Talkin"/"Winds of Change" is released
  • May 30: Concert in Dayton, Ohio
  • May 31: "Jive Talkin'" enters the US charts


  • June: Main Course is released
  • June 21: Main Course enters the US charts
  • June 28: "Jive Talkin'" enters the UK charts


  • July 26: "Jive Talkin'" goes No. 1 in Canada


  • August 9: "Jive Talkin'" goes No. 1 in the US
  • August 21: Maurice Gibb and Lulu are legally divorced
  • August 21: "Jive Talkin'" is certified gold in the US
  • August 21: Bee Gees perform on the Mike Douglas Show


  • September: The single "Nights on Broadway"/"Edge of the Universe" is released
  • September: Barbara Gibb moves back to Australia
  • September 12: Bee Gees perform on the Midnight Special - Video


  • October 5: "Nights on Broadway" enters the US charts
  • October 17: Maurice Gibb marries Yvonne Spenceley


  • November: Andy Gibb releases his first single "Words and music"/"Westfield mansions" in Australia


  • December 23: Main Course is certified gold in the US
  • December 27: "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)" enters the US charts