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After Dark is an album by Andy Gibb. It was his final studio album, and was released in 1980.

With drugs impeding his previous ability to write and even fully sing the tracks on his own record, Gibb was only able to forge his performance with nearly intrusive support from brother Barry. In March 1980 the last of Gibb's Top Ten singles charted just ahead of the album's release. "Desire" was originally recorded for the Bee Gees' 1979 album Spirits Having Flown but had Andy record new lead vocals replacing those of Barry's.[2][3] A second single, "I Can't Help It", a duet with family friend Olivia Newton-John, reached the Top Twenty.

The album's poor performance, coupled with Gibb's mounting drug problems, would lead to RSO Records dropping Gibb from its roster. On VH1's Behind the Music, label founder Robert Stigwood said that he was heartbroken at having to make the decision to drop Gibb, but that his behaviour gave him very little choice.

Although the album is not currently in print, it was released to iTunes along with the other two Andy Gibb albums in 2011.

Track listing[]

1. "After Dark" (Barry Gibb) - 4:17

2. "Desire" (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb) - 4:24

3. "Wherever You Are" (Barry Gibb) - 4:27

4. "Warm Ride" (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb) - 3:30

5. "Rest Your Love on Me" (Duet with Olivia Newton-John) (Barry Gibb) - 4:53

6. "I Can"t Help It (Duet with Olivia Newton-John) (Barry Gibb) - 4:07

7. "One Love" (Barry Gibb, Andy Gibb) - 4:06

8. "Someone I Ain't" (Barry Gibb, Andy Gibb) -  3:08

9. "Falling in Love with You" (Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten) - 4:12

10. "Dreamin On" (Barry Gibb) - 3:51


  • Andy Gibb - vocals
  • Barry Gibb - vocals, guitar, synthesizer, arranger
  • Olivia Newton-John - vocals on "Rest Your Love on Me" and "I Can't Help It"
  • Joey Murcia - guitar
  • George Terry - guitar
  • Cornell Dupree - guitar
  • George Bitzer - keyboards
  • Richard Tee - keyboards
  • Harold Cowart - bass
  • Ron Ziegler - drums
  • Steve Gadd - drums
  • Daniel Ben Zebulon - percussion
  • Albhy Galuten - arranger
  • Karl Richardson - engineer
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