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"I Can't See Nobody" is a song by the Bee Gees, released first as the B-side of "New York Mining Disaster 1941". With "New York Mining Disaster 1941", this song was issued as a double A in Germany and Japan.,[1] and included on the group's third LP, Bee Gees' 1st.[2]

Writing and recording[]

It was written by Barry and Robin Gibb in 1966 while they were in Australia. Maurice Gibb has sometimes been listed as a cowriter for the song. 1976's "Bee Gees Gold, Vol. 1" listed Maurice's name on the album cover and on the label as cowriter. According to Nat Kipner, the song was recorded at St. Clair Studios. Robin has said that it was written in Brisbane, Australia, where the band toured in November 1966, but that the first version was not released.[3] At the Bee Gees' 1st sessions, this song was recorded on March 7, with remixing and overdubbing on March 13.[4] Some may have felt Robin's soulful vocal was an acquired taste, but it conveys the song's emotional impact very well. The Gibb brothers' harmony voices was featured on the final chorus, on the line I can't see nobody, no i can't see nobody, my eyes can only look at you, you, and Bill Shepherd's string arrangement pours it on, and this track was a little masterpieces.[5] Robin's voice was on this track was higher than the other songs on the album, especially on the line Don't ask me why.

Cover versions[]

The song was covered in 1968 by Nina Simone and released in the United Kingdom as the B-side of "To Love Somebody" – another cover by Simone lifted from the Bee Gees' 1st album.[6] The two songs were included on her 1969 album To Love Somebody.[7]

The British rock duo The Marbles covered the song in August 1969, releasing it in Germany and France with their cover of the Bee Gee's "Little Boy" as the B-side.[8] The song was included in 1970 on their only album, The Marbles – along with four other Bee Gee covers.[9]



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