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Let There Be Love is a song written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb and recorded by the Bee Gees for their 1968 album Idea for which it served as the opening track.

The song was mainly written by Barry Gibb as a love song for his partner Linda Gray. True to the line "I've got to have you for my wife", the couple were married on September 1st 1970 and remain together to this day.

The song consists of a short opening verse sung by Barry, a chorus sung in three-part harmony then a middle eight sung again by Barry before Robin Gibb takes over the lead vocal for a reprise of the verse with a slightly different lyric and melody.

Two years after its release on Idea, the song was released as a single in the Netherlands where it peaked at #16. This may partly account for its inclusion on the compilation Best of Bee Gees, Volume 2.

The song was covered by both P. P. Arnold and Tom Jones. Barry Gibb produced Arnold's version.


Barry Gibb - vocals, rhythm guitar

Robin Gibb - vocals

Maurice Gibb - bass, piano, harmony vocals

Colin Petersen - drums

Bill Shepherd - orchestral arrangement

John Pantry - engineer

Damon Lyon Shaw - engineer