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This page is about the album. For the song, see: Mr. Natural (song)
Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural

Album Type

Studio album


May 13, 1974


November 14, 1973 - January 28, 1974 at IBC Studios and Command Studios in London and Atlantic Recording Studios in New York




RSO, Spin (Australia)


Arif Mardin

V - E - T - D

Mr. Natural is the Bee Gees' tenth album, released in May 1974. It was the first Bee Gees release produced by Arif Mardin, who was partially responsible for the group's mega success with Main Course. Mr. Natural generated no hits, but represented an important step in The Bee Gees' evolution into something more than simple pop balladeers. The album shows a strong Philadelphia soul influence in tracks like "Throw A Penny". Other highlights include "Mr. Natural", a rock-and-roll infectious tune and "Charade". Those with keen ears can hear what will become Barry Gibb's famous falsetto vocal in the backing vocals of "Dogs".

The gospel-tinged song "Give A Hand, Take A Hand" was written in 1969 and covered by The Staple Singers in 1971.

Track listing[]

  1. "Charade" – 4:13 (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
  2. "Throw a Penny" – 4:49 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb)
  3. "Down the Road" – 3:25 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb)
  4. "Voices" – 4:52 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/Maurice Gibb)
  5. "Give a Hand, Take a Hand" – 4:48 (B. Gibb/M. Gibb)
  6. "Dogs" – 3:45 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb)
  7. "Mr. Natural" – 3:49 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb)
  8. "Lost in Your Love" – 4:38 (B. Gibb)
  9. "I Can't Let You Go" – 3:47 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb)
  10. "Heavy Breathing" – 3:27 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb)
  11. "Had a Lot of Love Last Night" – 4:07 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb)


Bee Gees

  • Barry Gibb - lead, harmony and backing vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Robin Gibb - lead, harmony and backing vocals
  • Maurice Gibb - bass, mellotron, organ, harmony and backing vocal

Guest musicians

  • Alan Kendall - lead guitar
  • Dennis Bryon - drums
  • Ben Law - fretless bass on "Had A Lot Of Love Last Night"
  • Geoff Westley - piano, keyboards
  • Phil Bonder - clarinet on "Charade"
  • Arif Mardin - orchestral arrangement


  • Damon Lyon-Shaw - engineer
  • Andy Knight - engineer
  • Alan Lucas - engineer
  • Gene Paul - engineer