My Lover's Prayer
Released 1997
Length 4:00
From the Album
Still Waters
Still Waters.jpg
Track Listing



I Surrender


I Could Not Love You More


Still Waters (Run Deep)


My Lover's Prayer


With My Eyes Closed


Irresistible Force


Closer Than Close


I Will




Miracles Happen


Smoke And Mirrors


V - E - T - D

My Lover's Prayer is a song written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb as a song enlisted as track #5 from their album Still Waters.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

In the history of a life takes a heart
When the power of love comes together
There is nothing can tear us apart
And the touch of your hand I can feel
That what we got is stronger than steel
That's when you hear

My lover's prayer
It's my own silent message to you
Takes me there, my lover's prayer,
And my soul is divided in two

With my love on the line
I send it all over the world,
Out on the air
'Cause I can't let go
And my heart has a mind of its own
It's my lover's prayer

It's the mystery of a place blessed by us,
And the moment of truth is forever,
In the face of incredible odds.
And the look in your eyes tells me why.
Let our words burn a sign in the sky.

My lover's prayer
It's as easy as talking to you
All my life, having you there.
In my own private vision come true.

It's heaven on Earth.
You're the fire and all that I'm worth.
And I can be strong. You hold the key. Don't say it's over (don't say it's over). Don't say it's over for me (don't say it's over).


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