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Spirits Having Flown

Album Type

Studio Album


February 1979


March - November 1978, Criteria Studios, Miami






Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson

V - E - T - D
Spirits Having Flown is the Bee Gees' thirteenth original album, released in 1979. Spirits Having Flown was released at the peak of their career and sold 20 million copies worldwide. The album's first three tracks went to No. 1 in the US.

Recording the albumEdit

Nine months were spent recording Spirits Having Flown, the most time spent on any one of their single albums. Barry stated that he felt that the pressure to follow the success of Saturday Night Fever.

Chicago/Bee Gees connection (1978-1979)Edit

Chicago horns: James Pankow, Walt Parazaider and Lee Loughnane guested on this album. They were next door working on the Chicago album Hot Streets.

Track listingEdit

  1. Tragedy – 5:05 (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb/Maurice Gibb)
  2. Too Much Heaven – 4:57 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb)
  3. Love You Inside Out – 4:13 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb)
  4. Reaching Out – 4:07
  5. Spirits (Having Flown) – 5:21 (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb)
  6. Search, Find – 4:16
  7. Stop (Think Again) – 6:41
  8. Living Together – 4:23
  9. I'm Satisfied – 4:23
  10. Until – 2:27

Rejected materialEdit

The Bee Gees also recorded "Desire" for the album, with guest vocals by brother Andy Gibb, but it was rejected and instead released as an Andy Gibb solo single.


  • Certified gold and platinum in the US on January 30, 1979.
  • Certified silver and gold in the UK on January 26, 1979, and platinum on February 29.
  • Certified 5x platinum in Canada on February 1, 1979.
  • Voted Best Pop/Rock Album of 1979 at the 1980 American Music Awards ceremony.


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